Who is Ellie V?

Ellie V is an Australian reviewer of Lego Kits.

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Ellie V is am Australian Teacher and married mother of two children. She freely admits that she is a huge fan of Lego and has never grown up.

Ellie V has over ONE MILLION subscribers to her amazing YouTube channel and her videos are incredibly popular with children and adults alike. For many years, adults and children have wondered what she looks like. Here we reveal her face…

Whi is Ellie V a reviewer of Lego kits on YouTube

Ellie V – Lego Toys Reviewer

Ellie V has an incredibly enthusiastic manner and she very obviously loves Lego and building Lego kits. She talks at high speed and yet manages to keep her audience entertained for quite long videos. Her love of Lego comes through as very genuine. Ellie V is married, with two children and lives in Australia. Her videos and excitable manner have made her popular all over the world. She must also be a wonderful teacher.

Ellie V is also very well known for her lovely nail decoration which seems to be different in every video. Millions of little girls (and some big girls) want to have their nails painted just like Ellie V in her videos.

Ellie V is very keen on constructing Lego kits and other Lego scenarios and although she makes money from the advertising that interrupts her videos on YouTube, it is also very obvious form her manner and from her excitement with a new Lego set that she genuinely loves Lego. She is also a very gifted modeller and is able to modify the figures to suit her own projects.

Ellie V decided to do a ‘face reveal’ when her list of YouTube subscribers topped one million (1,000,000). Here is the ‘face reveal’ video which she uploaded to celebrate.

In the video, Ellie V shows Lego models simulating her husband and her two children. What lucky children they are to have a mum who loves Lego and Lego sets as much as they do.

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