Who is Austrian Lego Fan?

AustrianLegoFan – Holger Wennmann

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Austrianlegofan is an incredibly popular YouTube channel which is operated by an Austrian school bus driver named Holger Wennmann. His amazing interest in Lego sets and his enthusiastic and interesting manner has made him a big hit on YouTube.

Holger releases one new YouTube video every day, which has propelled him to having over 874,000 subscribers. He now makes a very good extra living from the advertising that accompanies his Lego videos.

Helger-Austrian Lego Fan

Holger, who was born in Germany and moved to Austria when he was younger, has always had an interest in Lego. As a child he loved to build the Lego 12v train sets and soon built up a large collection. However, as he grew up, his interest waned.

See Holger’s YouTube channel here.

Then, in the year 2006, his wife have him the Lego 8285 tow truck for Christmas and his interest was rekindled. Holger now has a passion for all things Lego, apart from Duplo.

Holger’s core interest is building the challenging Lego Technic sets. He still has his love of train sets as well. Holger keeps all the larger Lego sets that he owns on display in a room in his house.

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Who is austrianlegofan-an austrian lego enthusiast who releases one new lego speed build video every day